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I’ve got the mail about my container will be deleted.

reactivate container
inactivated containers in console page
If the container is not used for a month, it will automatically be inactivated.
After logging in to the IDE console page, you can reactivate your container through the [Reactivate] button.
If the inactivate situation last 6 months, it will be deleted.
The notice mail about it will send 30 days before the deletion, and 23 days before the deletion day(a week after the 1st notice mail.)

What if reactivation takes too much time?

It may take some time if your last updated date is old or if there is a lot of content.
If it does not work even after trying to refresh the page or try to chrome incognito mode, Please contact us at [email protected].

How can I recover container(s) that has been deleted?

Please leave us to message through the chat icon right bottom at the or [email protected].
It will be much easier to find your deleted container when you write your container’s name.
But, we do not keep the entire deleted containers, so it will be hard to recover the full of yours if it is very old or for some technical reasons.