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Language and Environment

Here are the articles in this section:
I want to upgrade python version
React Native container cannot run
How to use jupyter
Can I GUI programming in goormIDE?
How can I use Selenium?
Can I use a matplotlib module?
Can I use a Angular stack?
I want to use windows.h library
I want to downgrade PHP version
How can I use a Javascript?
What is the Always On function?
Always On function does not work.
Is it possible to use as a web server (IP fixed) using the "Always On" function?
Does goormIDE have a C# environment?
Which programming languages are supported?
I want to change a reserved word in the grammar check setting. How do I set it?
How to install mongoDB
What is my password in SSH?
Keyboard shortcuts (default, customize)
I want to connect the domain to the goorm URL.
I want to install an external library. What should I do?
I would like to use MySQL Workbench in the goormIDE. What should I do?
It's inconvenient to run MySQL every time I run the container. Is there another way?
Can a Ruby on Rails project reflect the modifications without restarting the server?
I want to add an external library to the java project.
[java] No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.
Change the software stack or Migrate to another container.
Can I create a program with GUI and check the results?
I want to remove the red underline from goormIDE.
How to install phpMyAdmin?
How do I change my interface language?
How do I change my country setting (or time zone)?
mysqli does not work
How to install WordPress
systemctl command does not run