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I want to connect the domain to the goorm URL.

​When you access the URL and access the service,
1. The container must be turned on. 2. The application must be running in that container with an appropriate port for the URL.
Make sure that the container is on through the "Always on" function.(Premium plan Only)
Also, run the application in a daemon format (=run in the background).
Then, if you would like to connect your current domain to the goorm URL, please refer to the instructions below.
1. Go to the configuration page of the container in which the application runs.
  • In console, click the top-right button of the container card and select Settings
  • In goormIDE: click the "Container Info" menu(it showed when hovering your email on top-right)
2. Register the URL you want to connect to and the port of the application in the 'URL/Port' of the container to which the application runs. Then register the certificate with the 'SSL Certificate'.
  • The files you are uploading are the .crt files and the .key files.
  • If you want to renew your existing SSL certificate, please upload only the .crt files.
  • For SSL certificates that require a password, please create a domain.password file and upload it with a password.
For example, if you purchased the domain,
  • If the password is required, upload it together by inserting a password in the file.
3. Please register CNAME according to region of container where you are managing the domain you purchased.
  • Seoul:
  • Oregon:
  • Frankfurt:
  • Mumbai:
For example, if you're using AWS Route53 you can add it as shown in the screen below.​