Auto complete / Auto Import

Auto Complete

This feature predicts the word you want to write. It automatically completes the word before users to write it out. Based on the words you used previously in the editor, certain software stacks (Node.js, C/C ++, JAVA) provide additional functions as well.
From the moment a user hits the first letter of a word, a list of expected words appears below the cursor. Select a word with the up or down arrow key and press Enter or click the word to complete the word automatically. The Auto Complete list can be turned off by pressing the ESC key or clicking anywhere outside of the list. Right-clicking on a word and clicking the Auto Complete menu will bring it back.
Checking [goormide] > [Preferences] > [Basic] > [Autocomplete] > [Shortcuts] allows the autocomplete list to be called only when you type the Ctrl + Space (Mac: Cmd + Space) shortcut.

Auto Import

Java projects provide auto-import as well as auto-complete.
The auto-import feature automatically imports missing packages in your code by pressing Ctrl + Shift + O in the editor.