Always On function does not work.

Closing the IDE does not terminate the container, but processes running in the terminal are terminated. To prevent this, run as a background process.
You can run it as a background process using the "nohup" command. Prepare an executable file (ex: a.out) to run them in a background process.
Enter the command
# nohup / absolute path / a.out &
You can check whether it was executed by using the following command.
# ps -aux | grep a.ou
Find the PID value with the ps command, then terminate the process with the kill command.
# ps -ef | grep a.out
# kill -TERM PID number
※ Reference
The nohup command automatically creates a file named nohup.out.
This file records the output of commands run with nohup. If you do not want to create this file, you can print it to /dev/null.
# nohup echo hello> / dev / null
If you are using a node app, you can simply run it as a background process using the forever command from the npm package.
install forever
$ npm install -g forever
Run the app via the command below.
$ forever start app.js
You can check whether it is executed with using the command below.
$ forever list
Please refer to the forever usage for more details.