How to install WordPress

Select and create a WordPress stack in a new container page.
When the container creation is completed, it enters the container.
In the left tab, enter the command.
If you look at the Execution tab, select Add wordpress command.
In the upper right corner of the command shortcut, you can see that a word press command has been added.
Click on the command to start the word press.
You can enter the preview button or the registered URL.
When entering for the first time, you need to finish installing WordPress.
Please choose the language you want to use.
There is a part where you enter information about the database, and if you look at IDE,
the file database_info contains information about the database.
When you enter the database information, you will be guided to create wp-config.php.
Copy the information as follows.
Right-click in the wordpress folder - Create New - Click the file to create wp-config.php.
Paste the generated file as follows and press Install WordPress.
Please enter additional information on the homepage.
After installation, decorate your own WordPress!