Can I install the goormIDE on the desktop?

The goormIDE is a cloud-based IDE, so there is no function to install on the desktop yet. However, there is a way to access the goormIDE directly from the desktop by installing the goormIDE in the browser.

How to install the goormIDE in your browser.

Run the container to access the goormIDE and click the Install goormIDE button at the top right.
If the button does not come out, please refresh it.
If you click the install button in the pop-up window, goormIDE will be installed.
After installation, you can run goormIDE directly from chrome://apps or use shortcuts created on your desktop.
You can find the goormIDE app in the list of installed apps.
The images were captured based on Google Chrome, and other browsers provide installtion in a similar way.