Invite Members

The administrators of the organization can invite and expel members.
You can invite users who have an account on goormIDE with emails of members. You can choose permissions of new members as Member or Adminstrator, and spaces to join.
  • Invitation of members is as available as the slot of the purchased member.
  • The invitation is valid for up to 3 days and cannot be joined afterward. If the invitation expires, you need to invite again.
Move to Members page to invite members to the organization.
Click Invite member and select General invite or Invite from CSV file

General invite

  • Enter email and select the role and spaces of the member to invite.
General invite

Invite from CSV file

  • Download CSV template and enter the information of the members.
  • Upload the CSV template and you can see a list of the members you wrote.
Invite from CSV file
You can check pending members in the Pending menu and whether the invitation is expired.
Check invitation status