Domains help to access web or GUI applications through a browser, allowing users. Therefore, there is no need to purchase a domain.

Running your application

Run your application by the Command or thorugh the terminal. Verify if the application is running successfully through the terminal panel, and note the port number where the application is running.

The application's port number is necessary for registering a domain.

Registering a Domain

Click on the Containers > Running URL and Port button in the top menu of the workspace to open the domain settings modal. Here, you can register a new domain and view the list of registered domains.

To register a new domain, enter the URL and port number you want in the input field, and click the Register button. Note that for some software stacks, domains for default ports may already be registered.

You cannot register multiple domains with the same port number.

Registering a Custom domain

You can register your own domain instead of the domains provided by goormIDE such as You can register Custom domain on the Container settings page.

Registering a Custom domain

On the Container settings page, click the Add button at the top right of the URL/Port table, then select Custom domain. And enter the domain to register starting from www, and upload the crt and key files. If the certificate has a password, include the password in a file and upload it.

Setting up Domain

Navigate to the Domain Management Service's page and set the CNAME for the domain. Depending on the region settings of the container, you should configure a different CNAME.

  • Seoul:

  • Oregon:

  • Frankfrut:

  • Mumbai:

Accessing the Domain through browser

Open your web browser and enter the registered domain to access it. You should see the results of the application you've developed displayed. If Hot Module Replacement(HMR) is applied in your code, your code changes will be reflected in the browser in real-time without broswer refresh.

If you encounter a 404 error page, double-check that you entered the domain correctly in the browser.

If you encounter a Connection Refused page, check that the application is running correctly and ensure that the port number you entered during domain registration is correct.

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