A space is a group that brings together containers of an organization. Every container in the organization must be included in one space. You can conveniently manage containers by categorizing them according to your desired criteria.

Creating a Space

Navigate to the Space settings page by clicking the Gear icon button on the right side of the Space menu in the Container console sidebar. Here, you can view the list of spaces of the organization.
Click on the Create space button in the top right corner of the page. Then, enter a Space name, select a Symbol color, and select the Visibility scope. Lastly, Click the Create space button to create.
If the visibility scope is set to Public, the space will be shared with all members of the organization. On the other hand, if the visibility scope is set to Private, the space will only be shared with invited members.
When the visibility scope is set to Private, you can configure the Container sharing type. If the container sharing type is set to With space members, all space members can access all containers within the space. However, if the container sharing method is set to Only space admin, space members can only access their own containers. Note that space administrators can access all containers regardless of the Container sharing type

Inviting Space members

When the visibility scope of a space is set to Private, you can invite members to the space.
In the space list, click on the Add Members button for the Space you want to invite members to. Then, search for the member by email or name and click on the member to invite them to the space.
You can set the invited member as an administrator, and administrators have the ability to manage space settings and space member permissions.